• Horsefly Trap TaonX Eco


    The eco version of the successful horsefly trap TaonX! For those with smaller areas to protect or where the product cannot be mounted on the floor!

    • every trap reduces gadfly presence by up to 95% in the immediate vicinity, and has a maximum effective range of approx. 5,000 m²

    • entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly

    • easy to assemble and hang on trees etc. using the supplied link chain

    • 2-years guarantee for mechanical parts

    • umbrella diameter: approx. 88 cm

    • supplied package: ball incl. pump and textile belt, textile umbrella, stranded wire for stretching the umbrella, galvanised container holder incl. straps and carabiner, 3-piece textile belt with carabiner and 100 cm link chain for hanging up the trap, user guide

    • wall mounting angle iron can be ordered separately (item no. 323506)

    • Functionality of TaonX: the sun heats the black ball and thus simulates for the horsefly a target for blood-sucking. When the horsefly realises that the attempt is unsuccessful the insect instinctly flys up and lands inevitably in the trap.