• Gadfly Trap TaonX


    every trap reduces gadfly presence by up to 95% in the immediate vicinity, and has a maximum effective range of approx. 10,000 m²

    • absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly

    • easy to assemble and extremely sturdy

    • 2-years guarantee for mechanical parts

    • height above floor level: 2.20 m

    • weight: 20 kg

    • umbrella diameter: approx. 91 cm

    • How does the trap work? The ball heats up, simulating a target object for the hose fly to suck blood out of. After an unsuccessful attempt to draw blood, the insect takes off vertically and detects its only presumed exit as the trap container.

    Can be used wherever gadflies are a nuisance: • Horse paddocks • Riding arenas • Cowsheds • Golf courses • Gardens and parks (water) • Amusement parks • along lakes and river banksand