• Eton Feedomatic Treadle Feeder 8KG


    Do mice, rats and birds eat the feed of your animals?

    With the Feedomatic, developed and produced by Olba, you will not have any more  mice, rats and birds eating your hen food. When the animals (poultry) steps onto the treadle, the Feedomatic opens the flap for accessing the feed. This way pests, like mice, rats end bird, can’t get any more to the feed of your poultry! Product code 661724.

    The Feedomatic is available in a 5KG, 8KG, 12Kg and in a 20Kg version. Due to the great feed storage capacity, you will save time as you will not have to refill constantly the feeder as before. The most important feature is that the feed stay dry and protected. The Feedomatic makes this all possible!

    The advantages of the Feedomatic?

    • Better resistance to outdoor conditions due to better water tightness.
    • The feed trough the animals feed from is made from plastic and is foreseen with rounded corners. Therefore the chance of mould growing is strongly reduced.
    • The special form of the feed trough makes sure that the animals can not scratch the feed out of it. This is accomplished by the presence of dividers and a special edge against spilling. Feed spilling is reduced to a minimum!
    • Easier to be filled and refilled as the lid, once opened, stays in vertical position. When the lid is pressed down again, it is automatically locked.
    • Very durable plastic treadle on which excrements cannot accumulate.
    • Extensive possibilities to set the weight for guaranteeing the access to the trough. This depends of course of the animal species to feed. Minimum weight to be set is 250g up to a maximum weight of 2Kg. For animals with a body weight of 500g, for example,  the treadle weight should be set to 250g and for animals with a body weight of 5Kg this value should be 2Kg.
    • Plastic parts made of high quality material. All these parts are UV resistant and therefore very durable!
    • Galvanized metal sheet parts are 1mm thick. This makes the Feedomatic a very stable feeder!
    • As the trough part of the feeder is made of plastic, the Feedomatic makes less noise! Metal on plastic makes less noise than metal on metal!
    • Very precisely made product, joint less and slot less. Made with the most advanced metalworking machines.
    • Comes in a very strong double wave carton to avoid damaging during shipping.
    • Great look through the combination of green plastic and galvanized metal sheet..