• ETON TSF Range, RED/WHITE Feeders with clip on lids. 10kg


    High quality feeder for poultry. 

    Made of soft material (PP coplymer) which makes it almost unbreakable. Even in a cold winter the material stays strong and flexible.

    Can be suspended in the poultry house or placed on the floor. In the case where you suspend the feeder, place the bottom on the level of the backs of the animals. 

    For young chicks always put the feeder on the floor.

    The special construction of the grid avoids food wasting to a minimum. 

    Complete with lid!

    Easy to assemble by turning the cylinder into the bottom with a bayonet closure.

    Also available in the following sizes:

    1. 3 kg
    2. 6 kg
    3. 1 kg