Bec Nest Box

Bec Nest Box

  • Measures: 33cm x 39cm x 35cm
  • Smooth but non reflective inside with no corners to harbour red mite or bacteria build up, unlike woodennest boxes which harbour cracks and crevices for red mite to live and breed.
  • Designed to be free standing or shelf or rack mounted
  • Manufactured from a tough ABS Polymer which does not rot, is sturdy, strong & impact resistant
  • Draught free but ventilated to keep your hens warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Very easy to keep clean - the perch assembly slides out giving full access to the Chickbox
  • The perch bracket is slightly higher than the perch bracket to encourage the hen to prefer to stand on the perch so any dropping fall clear of the nesting area
  • Perch has additional grip detail to easily allow the hen to lift herself out of the Chickbox
  • Can be used with most poultry breeds - 4 laying hens to each chickbox is a good ratio