• AGMA Pong- Go 500mL

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    Don’t fall out with your “best friend”!

    At times your pets may contribute to unpleasant smells. Pong- GO utilises the properties of pine oil and effectively cleans hard surfaces leaving a fresh pine aroma.

    This exceptional cleaning product for pet owners is a ready for use, multipurpose detergent cleaner for hard surfaces which in addition to its excellent cleaning properties leaves a nice clean pine bouquet after use.

    Pong- Go is suitable for use on most hard surface floors, walls, doors, worktops, ceramics, toilets and paintwork.

    Pong- Go is packed in convienient handy sized bottles fitted with ergonomic trigger spray that has an adjustable nozzle to provide different spray patterns.

    To operate the trigger spray nozzle 500mL bottle:

    • The square nozzle has two OFF positions, STREAM (Jet) and SPRAY (Mist).
    • Turn nozzle to required spray option for use.
    • After use turn to OFF position.